The African Garage which was opened in 2014, joined a network of regional centers around Kenya in helping develop the countrys policymaking capacity by transferring economic skills and best practices.

Through our experts, the African Garage delivers a broad curriculum of courses, from fiscal, monetary, and entrepreneurship to digital marketind, financial sector supervision, and the management of natural resource revenue an area that is increasingly important for many African countries.

The curriculum will also cover issues in regional integration. The institutes courses are tailored to the needs of African policymakers and anchored in the macroeconomic realities in Africa, a key advantage of a regionally based institute.

Officials of all the counties in Kenya and regional organizations located in the region are eligible for training at the institute. All courses are by invitation only. The contributors provide oversight through a steering committee.



African Garage key objective is to contribute to improved macroeconomic and financial policies through high-quality training, which will support sustainable economic growth and poverty reduction